​​​​​The Secret Garden & Dickon's Cottage

Two very special vacation rentals in the heart of beautiful downtown Mount Shasta, California.

Cafe Maddalena patio.

In and Around Mount Shasta

Dos Geckos

Driving down from Toad Lake.

The Secret Garden and Dickon's Cottage are vacation rentals located in the center of downtown Mount Shasta.  Guests can easily walk to most Mount Shasta businesses.  Our kitchens are fully equipped for cooking, and The Secret Garden offers a variety of cookbooks.

Berryvale Natural Grocery and Deli is within easy walking distance and has a wide selection of organic and natural foods.  The deli serves cooked foods until 4:00 and pre-made deli items are available until 7:00.  It is a very "Mount Shasta" grocery store.

Ray's Food Market is a regular, larger grocery store with deli items.

Mount Shasta Grocery is a small grocery store that features various cuts of local Prather Ranch beef, and a selection of store cooked Prather beef and chicken.

Bistro 107 is a gourmet burger (beef, chicken, house-made veggie) restaurant, and is across the street, just south of The Secret Garden.  They also have salads and sweet potatoes fries.  A favorite. Outdoor seating is available in the summer.  

Casa Ramos is standard Mexican food - they offer a wide selection, huge portions.

Seven Suns is the local coffee shop, with indoor or outdoor seating.  Along with a variety of coffee/tea drinks they also offer wraps, salads, sandwiches, soup - a variety of breakfast and lunch options.  Very good.

Adaman Healthy Thai can be utterly beyond delicious - or not.  Be prepared to wait, but it can be well worth it.  Or not. 

The Wagon Wheel in Dunsmuir is an excellent breakfast restaurant.  It used to be The Dogwood Diner and now the restaurant has new, enthusiastic owners.

Cafe Maddalena in Dunsmuir offers fine dining.  They are open for dinner - excellent.  Reservations are always a good idea.

The Meat Market, despite it's odd name, is a wonderfully delicious, casual gourmet restaurant in McCloud.

The Sage Restaurant in McCloud is highly recommended for fine dining.  Do make a reservation.

We have other good restaurants in the area.  Explore and enjoy!

The sights are too many to recommend!  Of course you cannot miss driving up Everitt Memorial Highway to the Old Ski Bowl.  Open July 1st to November 1st.  Explore hiking trails or just gaze at the view. Do visit Panther Meadows.

Bunny Flat, on the way to the Old Ski Bowl is open all year - a great place to go for winter sports and just to experience being up on Mount Shasta.  Explore hiking trails.

The John Everitt Vista is a must stop on the way.  Park on the shoulder of Everitt Memorial Highway and take in the view.  - If you take the side road down at the vista point there is no longer a view as the trees have grown too tall.

Do visit Lake Siskiyou!  There is a walking trail around the entire lake that is open most of the year (check dates).  Otherwise just explore various areas around the lake.  It is lovely.  Locals mostly go to the north shore.

There is a lot to do here.  If you would like to take a beautiful drive I suggest driving to Grass Lake. It is just a rest area, but is special and the drive there and back is lovely.   Do visit the outdoor Veteran's Memorial on the way.  The sculptures are beautiful and the scenery is exquisite, especially looking out toward Sheep Rock.

If you are slightly prone to adventure, continue on to Orr Lake and have a picnic.  It is fairly remote there, but you can drive to the picnic area and you can walk along the shore of the lake.

Kangaroo Lake, a beautiful alpine lake, is worthy of a day trip.  The road up might get a bit rough, but if your vehicle is slightly rugged you should have no problem.  The lake is wheelchair accessible.  Popular fishing spot.

And of course the Mount Shasta Ski Park offers skiing in the winter!  And there is snow shoeing and snow mobile-ing and cross country skiing...

These are just a few suggestions - some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

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The following images are from The Secret Garden Vacation Rentals Facebook page, which is updated daily with interesting and beautiful sights in the Mount Shasta area. 

Seven Suns Coffee & Cafe

Near Herd Peak Lookout.

Castle Lake